The Value Of High School Vocational Training

This memoir of a successful architecture professional is written as a trip down the memory lane, taking the reader to a specific period in the author’s life who lost his father in infancy and grew up in Washington’s foster care system.

He aims to share how his direction in life became clear with the high school vocation training programs he attended. The honest narrative sheds a new light to this rarely discussed subject in books

Meet The Author

The value of high school documents a story of a boy, Robert who lived in a children’s home. Robert’s father died in an automobile accident when he was only three months old.

Robert and Jimmy, his older brother, lived the first few years of their life in a children’s home and then latter in an orphan home.
Their mother was young and not in good health to look after her two kids but dropped by every other weekend to take them out with her.
High school vocational training taught him how to provide survey engineering work, building designs, create detailed building components and layouts. Robert worked at a gas station full time after school while going to three years of high school and paid for his own rent, food, and clothing.

One of the biggest perks of completing high school vocational training is that Robert had no debt and didn’t owe any money to anyone when he graduated.
Today, Robert works as a Constructability Specialist in a large well-known construction company based in Los Angeles where his tasks range from reviewing new project drawings in the preconstruction phase to advising architects and engineers.
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Overview Of
The Book

The Value of High School Vocational Training is a unique memoir that covers the most challenging stage of an orphan boy – the teen years. Robert tells us about the kind of life he had all those years ago and how the construction and architecture training programs helped him become a successful professional and a happy man.

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